Money is not allowed in the facility's general population and is considered contraband. Inmates are given a receipt for money they have when they are booked into the facility. This money is placed in the inmate's account.

    Money may be put on an inmate's account in one of two ways:

- Visitors may make deposits using cash or debit card into a JailATM kiosk, located in the Jail Lobby.

- The person supplying money can log on to and deposit funds. The direct link to JailATM is

***NOTE: All transactions with JailATM are between the customer and JailATM. The Spalding County Sheriff's Office is not responsible for technical issues, fees, or transaction disputes. Any funds transferred to an inmate will remain property of the inmate.***

    Upon release or transfer of an inmate, the balance of the inmate account will be returned to the inmate in the form of a debit card.

    Any inmate being transferred to another facility will have his/her money transferred to that facility within five working days.

Inmate accounts will be charged a reasonable deduction in the following instances:

- Property willfully damaged or destroyed by an inmate during incarceration.

- Searching for and apprehending an inmate when he/she escapes, or attempts to escape.

- Stopping any riot, or other disturbance, in which the inmate is unlawfully involved.

- Replacement of a lost or damaged ID Card is $5.00.

- Medical appointment fee of $5.00 per visit.

    If an inmate's account has $10.00, or less, and the inmate owes an outstanding fee, the inmate's account will be frozen. The account will remain frozen until such time the balance exceeds $10.00. The inmate will not be allowed to make purchases from the commissary if their account is frozen.

    If an inmate is released or transferred, any outstanding fees will be deducted from the inmate's account and the inmate will receive the remaining balance. If an inmate is released from custody and has outstanding debts still owed at the time of release, money will be deducted from the inmate's account to cover those outstanding debts if the inmate is ever brought back into custody at any time.

    Funds from an inmate's account will only be released to an authorized bonding agent to make bond or to the inmate's attorney of record. If an inmate chooses to release funds, all funds will be released.